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Prajarajyam - Chiru

Prajarajyam - Chiru
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Egg attack on Chiranjeevi

The egg-attack on Praja Rajyam party president Chiranjeevi during his road show in Warangal district has come as a blessing in disguise for him, while it completely damaged the image of his detractors.

Why did they attack Chiranjeevi? Reason was obvious: Chiranjeevi drew huge crowds in all the areas in Karimnagar and Warangal districts, which was not anticipated by the so called analysts. The people's response to Chiranjeevi's speeches was also tremendous and the leaders felt that they would lose hold on their areas and hence, provoked their supporters to irritate Chiranjeevi, so that he would lose his temper. That did not happen, but others image has gone down the drain.

"I know that politics are not a bed of roses. There are chances for garlands as well as stones", said Chiranjeevi reacting to this incident.


The first public meeting was held by Chiranjeevi on August 26, 2008[3], at 120-acre Avilala Tank grounds near Tirupati where Chiranjeevi addressed a gathering of about a million people. The party name as well as the basic agenda of the party was announced during this meeting.[8]

Party flagHe unveiled the party flag, which has white colour to 3/4 of its height at the top, and the bottom 1/4 is filled with green colour. In the middle, a red colored symbol of the sun is embossed and encircled with a yellow line. There are 24 red colored beams beyond and around the yellow ring signifying the sun rays.[citation needed] Chiranjeevi said that the white color on the flag represents all categories of people, the green refers to the farmers, the yellow color outlining the sun refers to happiness and the red sun refers to the party working perennially. The 24 rays of the sun on the flag conveys the party's conviction to work round the clock.[citation needed]

He said that he wants to see 'Santhoshandhra Pradesh' (translation: Happy Andhra Pradesh). This party slogan sounds similar and competitive to his political counterpart Chandrababu Naidu's 'Swarnandhra Pradesh' (translation: Golden Andhra Pradesh) and YSR's 'Harithandhra Pradesh'(translation: Greener Andhra Pradesh).[9][10]

On the day of the party launch meeting, Chiranjeevi's representatives submitted an application to the Election Commission of India for registration of the Praja Rajyam party.[11] Two days after the party launch event, the choice of party name caused trouble to the party with a Cuddapah resident, Veeraballi Chenna Krishnaiah claiming to have applied for the same name one day before the party launch with the Election Commission.[12] However, the issue ended as he agreed to withdraw his application.[13][14]

Incidentally the name Praja Rajyam happens to be the name of a leadership training programme launched by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, national convener of Loksatta, another political party from the state.[15][16]. It is also part of a slogan Prajarajyam in Vishalandhra coined by Communist Party of India.[17][18].

Chiranjeevi who has now got into the groove of formulating the manifesto and hierarchy of his Praja Rajyam party has announced that he is impressed with the Tamilnadu style of functioning in the parties when it comes to forming alliances. Chiranjeevi said that they would form an alliance depending on how it would benefit the state and its people instead of themselves. He stated that they would form alliance with Centre in such a way that it should benefit State and National interests. Chiranjeevi also started preparing the route map of his tour which is likely to start from this month end. The probable date going in rounds is October 2nd, considering that it is “Gandhi Jayanthi”. In the meantime he wants to establish a co-ordination committee.[19]

“I was thinking of beginning my yatra in the first week of October,” “But, some of our party leaders are suggesting that I take it up after the Dasara festival.” - Chiranjeevi.[20]

For the barely one month old Praja Rajyam Party, the number of aspirants for the party ticket to the coming general election is 1,82,000.[21]

The Prajarajyam Party will not oppose separate Telangana, but at the same time it will not take up agitations for the cause also. This could be their stand which might be announced shortly. [22]

Prajarajyam News[23]

Tupakula Mannem is considered as the first one choosen by Praja Rajyam to contest for the elections.

Recent reports suggest that the party will have a considerable effect on coming state elections. It may become party with highest seats. If Telangana state forms, it will be forming government Andhra state and also holding considerable power in Telengana.


this party founded by manas ranjan sahoo not by Chiranjeevi foray into politics of orissa,development,was highly anticipated in the media and political circles since 2007.[4][5]. While it was reported that he was seeking the opinion of people during the latter half of 2007, the media also suggested that he would announce the decision in January 2008.[4] Media speculation was that he would launch his political party as an alternative to the ruling Indian National Congress(INC) and Telugu Desam Party(TDP) in his native state of Andhra Pradesh.[6]

Chiranjeevi held a press conference on August 17, 2008 and expressed his intention, for the first time, to establish a political party for the people of Andhra Pradesh.[7]. The first public address occurred on August 26, 2008.[3]

Several political leaders from the Andhra Pradesh such as Harirama Jogaiah from INC and K. Vidyadhar Rao and Bhuma Nagi Reddy from the TDP were inclined to Chiranjeevi's political plans before the party was launched.[6]

The former TD leader, Mr C. Ramachandraiah, MLC G. Haribabu Naidu (Srikakulam) formally joined the Praja Rajyam on Saturday at the party headquarters in the presence of Chiranjeevi. They had pledged their support for Chiranjeevi many days ago and Mr Ramachandraiah has been visiting the party office frequently.[7]

Party slogan

Mana Rajyam Surajyam, Swarajyam, Prajala Rajyam, Praja Rajyam

" Neti Andhra pradesh repati Santhoshandhra pradesh "

Preme Lakshyam.....Seve Margam